April 13th, 2018

The coolest yet creepiest arcade.


A couple of days ago Felix and I had plans to meet with Emma (Tokidoki Traveller) and Joey (The Anime Man).

This incredibly unique arcade was suggested, and so we went on a 45 minute train ride and quickly made our way to Kawasaki after lunch. 

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It's Here everybody!!!

I forgot how to reblog….

This is a link to Marzia's blog. It's about her trip to Japan. If it doesn't work then....you're on your own. TOKYO + OSAKA + HAKONE.


Hey Everyone! I remember saying on my page that I was rarely going to post, and I needed to tell (someone) this. It all started by tricking myself into reading a book on action & adventure, and romance.

Make PDP Great Again

i am a fan of PewDie Pie, and believe he is a great YouTuber... I won't be posting, but I follow his girlfriend, Marzia. Marzia is an amazing person and really kind. I probably will be doing brain dumps here.